RG Legal: Pro Sé Litigants 

What We Offer Our Pro Sé  Clients

What We Do Not Offer Our Pro Sé  Clients

The majority of U.S. civil courts report having a minimum of one self-represented party in at least 75% of their cases, highlighting the need for pro se´ (self-represented) filers to use services provided by professional legal researchers and editors. Source: Srln.org

Did You Know? 

We will not:

a. Provide legal advice, answer legal questions, or make inferences about your case or the cases researched. 

b. Inform you as to the best course of action to take while pursuing your case. This includes, but is not limited to providing advice on the appropriate documents to file with the court. Instead, you will decide the best course of action by utilizing the research findings we forward to you.

c. Inform you as to whether the motion, brief, complaint, etc. you draft (or dictate for transcription) contains appropriate facts to support your position.

d. Perform content edits for your legal document (for argument enhancement).

e. Perform edits that are not intended to correct grammatical, syntactical, formatting, or similar errors.

f. Provide an opinion on success probability.

                 Additional Disclaimers

It is our mission to provide legal information to those who are capable of representing themselves. Legal advice should only be given by an attorney who is licensed in the jurisdiction germane to your cause.

Any legal information provided is intended to assist you in choosing the appropriate course of action. It is incumbent upon you to determine how you would proceed in any given situation. Under no circumstance does any information found on our site or within our service structure form an attorney-client relationship. Research Grace is not a law firm and any service rendered should not be deemed a substitute for an attorney or law firm.

Pursuing any legal matter as a self-represented party is very brave, yet incredibly tough. With a JD and other legal professionals on our team, we will work with you to simplify the pro sé process.

For tips on proceeding pro sé, feel free to take a peek at our article on The Huffington Post. 

Proceeding Pro Se?

Complete legal research packages: Based on the facts of your case, we will do our best to provide you with relevant cases and laws to support your position. You will also receive examples of any legal document you choose to draft (when possible). *There may not be cases available in your jurisdiction that support your position, at which point you may be provided with cases from other jurisdictions and/or cases that have some relevance but are less specific.

Premium legal research tools utilized 

Complete transcription packages: Perhaps you do not have regular access to a computer or just have difficulty typing. If so, we will be happy to transcribe your handwritten or audio file into a typed document.

Complete editing packages: After you draft your legal document, utilizing the research and document example (s) provided, you will then forward the document to us for editing and proper formatting. *Grammatical and other editing options provided. Content editing is not provided.

**Some assistance with the following matters (only in the capacity allowed by law) :

a. Court Forms

b. Trademark, Copyright & Patent Forms, Searches and Fee Schedules

c. Incorporation Documents

d. Promissory Notes

e. Legal Research & Writing

f. Lease Agreements

g. Employment Agreements

h. Non-Disclosure Agreements

i. Company Bylaws & Operating Agreements

j. Legal Invoice Review

PLEASE NOTE: The services offered will be very limited and may not be available at all for your specific matter. All assistance is provided in the form of research findings and is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as legal advice.