Our priority is to make sure your time with us is pleasant and smooth. So, we’d love for you to know how we work here at Research Grace! Here is a little info about our general process:

  • When you contact us via email for the very first time, we ask that you please forward project details as well as your desired deadline.

  • We will let you know if we have questions and if we do not, you will receive a quote!
  • You will receive a brief new client form (if applicable) to fill out as well as your contract/ invoice (all major credit cards are accepted).
  • Once payment is received, our services will be secured and we can begin to work on your project!
  • If we have questions along the way, we will let you know via email and you can absolutely contact us anytime via email with questions.
  • Once your completed project is forwarded, you will generally have 2-14 business days to submit modification requests, if any are desired after review. The time ​allotted will depend on the size of the project.

                                                                                  Additional info

All project requests are carefully reviewed and unfortunately, we are not able to accept them all. Some reasons for not accepting a project request are as follows:

  • We are unable to meet your desired time frame for project completion.

  • Your project is not one that we typically accept (this is rare).

  • We noticed an issue with communication early on and don't believe working together would be best for your project or our team.


Please review information about our preferred method of contact here.

We really work hard to build long-term relationships with our clients’ and are so proud to have consistent repeat business. We believe the way to successful project completion is great communication.

To ensure we perform our absolute best work, we ask for our clients to be as clear as possible when providing information or making any requests. We also encourage our clients’ to ask questions if anything at all is unclear!

To be sure each project is completed with ease, Research Grace will not tolerate rude or abusive language or behavior via email or otherwise. While we certainly do not expect this from our amazing clients’, if it were to happen, our policy consists of the following:

1. We will inform the client of the rude or abusive language or behavior and will request for it to immediately stop.

2. If the client continues, they will be informed that the project will be completed without further communication and we will not accept any communication from them moving forward. At this stage, the project would be completed using the information already provided by the client. The client will not be allowed to communicate further, therefore, additional information, requests, etc. will not be reviewed by Research Grace.*

3. Once complete, the project would be forwarded to the client, and again, the client will not be allowed to communicate with Research Grace, and this includes forwarding modification requests as well.

*Research Grace has a no refund policy. However, if we deem it absolutely necessary, a pro-rated (partial) refund may be provided.

Our  Process