Telephone support 

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Telephone support is not available for all matters and the option will only be provided if absolutely necessary. When the option for telephone support is available for your matter, you will be notified via email and will be provided with options to schedule a time to complete the call. 

Please note that telephone support is typically provided only when clarity is needed for a project and has been difficult to obtain via email, after multiple attempts. 

We are happy to accept your voicemails at any time! However, please note that any responses to voicemails will still be via email. If you are submitting project details or other important information via voicemail, you will still be required to do so again via email. 

203-741-8782 (reserved for scheduled calls and voicemails only)

To best serve all clients and to ensure we are as accurate and thorough as possible when completing your project, all requests and information exchanges must be in writing. Therefore, email is our primary and preferred method of contact. 

Please feel free to email us!